Why Granada Partners?

The team at Granada Partners has built an impressive contact base of leaders in the consulting, systems integration and transportation technology industry sectors and can help your company cut through all the noise in the channel to quickly get your value proposition heard by decision makers at your target partners. Our value clearly derives from the powerful combination of knowing whom to call and know what to do — clearly of value for rising stars in the applications, infrastructure, safety and security sectors.

Our clients improve sales productivity & gain incremental revenues as a result of hiring Granada Partners to develop and execute go-to-market initiatives with the appropriate sales, marketing, channels and technology teams in their target partners to yield insight from, access to and influence over the business decision makers that approve expenditures in top customers and prospects. Key benefits include:

Which Business Development Partnerships are right for your company?

Granada Partners is a strong proponent of clear expectations, written goals and unwavering focus. We tie our compensation to your success. Accordingly, we are selective in the clients we engage and the partners that we target as neither of us can afford to waste each other's time on science experiments. To gain maximum leverage from our experience and to optimize the value delivered, we exclusively focus on two segments: commercial transportation technology and enterprise applications.

Commercial Transportation Technology

The commercial transportation industry is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that’s dominated by several hundred commercial fleets and fully integrated logistics companies with their own set of unique operating models and technology requirements. The greatest single asset class for expenditures for all of these companies, however, are the Class 6-8 vehicles that power their businesses.

Most emerging companies in the commercial transportation technology sector struggle to gain access to power and budget when trying to:

Companies that hire Granada Partners to work as a critical “member” of the executive team and assist them with strategic initiatives in the Commercial Operations, Business Development & Product Management domains should expect the following benefits:

Partner Relationships: Build solid relationships with Executive-levels within the top North American truck manufacturers, braking and engine suppliers

Joint Development Agreements: Drive the process to negotiate JDAs to enable and govern the critical partnerships with targeted truck manufacturers, braking and engine suppliers

OEM Integration: Architect the approach and recruit OEM involvement in next generation, factory-installed versions of the core system and peripherals

Fleet Relationships: Built solid relationships with Executive-levels of the major North American for-hire and private fleets

Contracts: Build pipeline and assist with the sales cycles to close commercial contracts with for-hire fleets, private fleets and Fortune 25 direct shippers

Pricing: Architect pricing methodology, build end-user pricing and develop economic TCO analysis to illustrate internal and external impact

Liability Mitigation: Establish relations with the premier full-service transportation law firms to proactively mitigate liability across all areas of technology and operations

Segmentation & Market Sizing: Contribute to market segmentation analysis, market entry strategy and forecasting models

Product Management: Assist product management in defining the long term product road map and creation of PRDs to precisely define the product requirements

"When I introduced Peloton's Executive Team to Granada Partners, I was confident that Peloton would benefit from the wisdom and assistance of seasoned tech executives -- and Granada Partners was a great choice. They are a team of hard-charging and savvy executives that were able to secure the joint-development agreements that my team needed to build our technically-complex platooning systems; one that required direct integration with the vehicle, engine and brake controllers that are embedded within today's modern trucks."

Chuck Price, Peloton's former VP Engineering (now, VP of Product at TuSimple)

Enterprise Applications

Granada Partners yields the greatest business impact when with companies that deliver trusted advisory services to the C-Suite of the Global 2000 is critical for companies who develop applications that can positively impact the sources risk that keep executives awake at night:

These top tier consulting firms understand how to convert technology-oriented value propositions into industry-focused business solutions that allow emerging technology companies to secure budget and close deals in the hottest industries on the planet:

In addition to consulting, many of these firms also deliver additional services:

Systems Integration: Delivering business value through their development and delivery of business process modifications that are cemented with technology solutions. These partners have the ear of the executive suite in your target clients and can embed your company's technology within the business solutions they deliver, often bypassing any client evaluation cycles.

Systems & Process Outsourcing: Taking on the operational responsibility for all or part of a client’s IT or business operations. Because they improve their profits through critical mass and efficiency, they are motivated to migrate their clients to standard delivery platforms to avoid duplicating the messy and inefficient, heterogeneous operating environments of the clients they support. When your company's products are accepted by a global systems outsourcer, you automatically gain a footprint in all of the clients they support.

Granada Partners’ Enterprise Applications clients in the supply chain, security, compliance and infrastructure sectors often team with these partners to ensure that their offerings are embedded with the standard portfolios these partners recommend, deliver and support.

Enterprise applications companies that hire Granada Partners to work as a critical “member” of the executive team and assist them with strategic initiatives in the Commercial Operations, Business Development & Product Management domains should expect the following benefits:

"In circumstances where a start-up company or management team can benefit from the wisdom and assistance of seasoned tech executives, Granada Partners is a great choice. In areas from channel management, partner development to other strategic considerations, they are a team of creative, steady and savvy executives that can help early-stage companies cross the chasm."

George Hoyem, Managing Director, In-Q-Tel

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